I woke up this morning without a hangover


I’m afraid it isn’t babe, most people actually have clear minds and a sober disposition. Shocking.. I know.


Idiots, the lot of them. And my name’s Amelia, not babe.

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I woke up this morning without a hangover


… what the hell am I doing wrong?


You mean my perpetual hangover isn’t the norm? Damn.

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"What a ghost town. Has it really been so long?"


"Sure feels like it, huh?"

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"Of all the nights to lose my bloody key…"


"I would assume you’d know how to pick locks, at the very least because of ‘laska."

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Grumpy, I’ve been helping Nate with his Hauser mansion remodeling after the last one went kabloomy and was smeared suspiciously in blood but I swear, if I have to deal with Athena if another second, I will stab her so hard in the eyeball. Yes, I know that completely overrides my no violence policy, but really when has that ever been in effect?


And you? My tempestuous lil cougar? 

Yeah, I’ll never understand what’s up with that bitch. She has a stick so far up her ass, little kids could mistake her for a scarecrow. And the fact that she has the creepiest smile-glare I’ve ever encountered on a human being. But I’m really happy for you and Nate, ‘Laska. I mean it’s about damn time, amiright?

I am never living that down, am I?

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You better be sorry bitch.


The sorriest.

How’s my lovely former-roomie?

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I—uh, it’s okay, it was totally my fault. I need to start watching where I’m going.


Nah, it’s fine, I wasn’t really looking either.

So, uh. How’s it going?

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Shit- sorry.

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It’s not that good for you either, dear.


Of that, I am fully aware.

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